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It's Official....

I believe that it is finally official: Newgrounds is insanely desperate for content. Once again, take no offense to this review as I thought your style and concept were good. I am just so tired of all of these sub par flashes getting front page left and right. I think anyone will agree with me when I say that if something like this can get front page nowadays, if we posted stuff we use to post 5 years ago, it would BLOW everything out of the water! Seriously, my flash movies, The Climb 1 and 2 were doing this concept years ago with much greater length and creativity, however, they never once got front page or anything near it. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers I suppose. Anyway, you have a fun concept just make it longer and more detailed, don't use a lame death such as that at the end as a cop-out to finish your flash (believe me I'm guilty of it as well so I know).

Jectoons responds:

Ok. I'll watch your animations... :P

More Nonworthy Front Page Material

Yet again I am let down by my once favorite website to come to and enjoy good quality flash work. Please do not take offense to my review as it is not personal, I am merely speaking from a "veteran" standpoint. I have been with NG for a long time and it truly upsets me to see most of the greats have moved on leaving only sub par flashes such as these to take the spotlight. The flash itself was not good, I give you credit for even making something but it does not excuse the fact that it does not belong on the front page. Normally I wouldn't rant so much but seriously, within the past week we have had "No Big Deal", this flash, and many others that tease us into thinking we will be viewing front page quality material. However, we are let down with what we see. Please do not stop flashing but try harder in the future.

Why is this happening?

I'm sorry, I just don't understand where the Newgrounds I used to visit has gone off to. Sub par flashes such as these keep getting front page like there is no tomorrow, I just don't get it. I remember when Newgrounds use to be a place I could come to see some great flashes by some great artists. Now it is just a place of indecency. As for the actual flash movie review; sorry man, but I didn't like this at all. The main reason I say this is because the voices are a complete rip from Jerry Jackson films. The animation and graphics were sub par as well (whether this was intended or not), and the story was NOT original as you used overused elements such as Counter Strike, Ninjas, etc. The length of the film was way too short too. I know I will get bad ratings for this, however, I'm just speaking my honest opinion here. Don't take this review as a put down, keep on flashing.

efkimo responds:

I agree.

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Absolutely Beautiful

You really have something to be proud of here. The gameplay mechanics are incredibly simple yet the game itself is not lacking. Your backgrounds and areas were absolutely fantastic, I am at a loss for words at how beautifully the areas were rendered. The characters were enjoyable and the music went perfectly with your serene landscapes. The games length was perfect as well, not to long and drawn out to where the player gets bored, but not too short to where we are longing for more. Great job, I will enjoy seeing more from you in the future.


I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely loved that game ha ha. I really wasn't expecting too much from this but I'm shocked. It really was fun and cool how you took such a simple concept and turned it into something so fun! It's addicting to say the least to try and find all the secrets. I finished in 700 seconds on my first play through. That was truly a great game, make another please!


Ha ha I like reading the reviews of all the people who are pissed off because they couldn't beat this game. Just because you can't beat it doesn't mean it deserves a zero. Anyway, I thought you did a fantastic job on this game in the overall sense. What I liked so much about this game was the fact that it was so minimal in every sense of the word.

If you can pull off an emotionally driven story like you did using only 3 shades of the same color and some pixels, then you really have a work of art on your hands. I'm not just saying this, I really do believe it takes a great deal of talent to pull something like this off because it is really easy to mess something like this up.

Anywho, I am a HUGE fan of cave story so I guess I just love these emotional pixel games! Great work man keep it up!

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Nice Work

This is a very good piece indeed. I think it sounds fantastic and the fact that it is 8-bit makes it that much better. You can tell that this song was made through your hard work and not just slapped together then "remixed" into an 8-bit format. You truly are my favorite music artist here on NG. As to the dumbass (Druids-Warcry) who reviewed earlier about people flocking to Paragon because HE has the biggest dick is a moron. First of all, HE is actually a she and the reason why people flock to her is because she produced some of the best music here on NG. Great work, keep it up.

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